Chris Berdik

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Mind Over Mind is a captivating read, a mix of great stories and compelling science that shows us how expectations can influence our success - for better and worse. Berdik gives us the tools to change our own behavior and influence others."

- Sian Beilock, author of Choke; professor of psychology, University of Chicago

Chris reads an excerpt from Chapter 4 "Accounting For Taste"

Chris reads an excerpt from Chapter 2 "In The Zone"

video and audio produced by Devin Hahn

"Mind Over Mind takes us deep into the human psychology of expectation through the worlds of wine tasting, penalty kicks, compulsive gambling, and police lineups. Berdik delivers an optimistic message with a convincing punch..."

- Colin Ellard, author of You Are Here; director, Research Laboratory for Immersive Virtual Environments, University of Waterloo

"This is a delightful book: a mind-bending survey of what scientists are beginning to learn about the remarkable powers of the imagination. Fascinating, illuminating, and full of surprises, Mind Over Mind will forever change the way you think - about the way you think."

- Toby Lester, author of Da Vinci's Ghost and The Fourth Part of the World

Thanks to Christopher "C.J." Thompson and his colleagues at Rice University's Center for Digital Learning and Scholarship who not only read my book but deemed it worthy of discussion questions (blushing). I'm pleased and honored to share them: